Baltic Gold 


‘Baltic Gold’ looks at cultural transfer and trade routes in ancient times. They serve as the carriers of information yet due to the large distances traveled and the many exchanges of hand which take place during trips information can get twisted. The hypothetical ‘Amber Road’ is a trade route of amber from Scandinavia and the Baltic states down to the Mediterranean, which may have existed as early as the late Paleolithic era. It is said that the amber road may have caused the bringing of the bronze age to Scandinavia due to the flood of new information coming in from the south when trading with cultures such as the Mycenaean’s and the ancient Egyptian’s.

I wanted to take this notion and transform it into an object, using the story of the Object Mediator as a method for creating the narrative around it. The outcome is an archetypal bookshelf in raw polyurethane, the bookshelf was chosen as it holds knowledge yet it is not seen as an item of high status.

Overtime the material darkens in UV light which means after years of usage it will contain the ghost shadows of the books and objects which filled it shelves, glimpses of its past use.


Raw Polyurethane, Brass

40 x 30 x 200 cm

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