Bloc Studios


Continuing my work with marble, the Inlay collection for Bloc is inspired by the coloured marble inlaying technique popularised by the Romans in the ‘opus sectile’ style, and later reintroduced during the Italian Renaissance in the form of ‘pietra dura’ work. One source of inspiration in particular was the graphic marble floor of the Pantheon in Rome. Something which seems so contemporary, even though it was constructed almost 2000 years ago.

The objects in the collection are created by taking what is usually a 2d pattern and then stretching it to create 3d shapes. Each item is made from water-jet cut sheets of marble which slot into each other and are then glued in place, creating seamless joins where one marble magically goes into the other. Patterns by mode of construction.  

One of the key elements of the collection is the ability to change the intersecting marbles to create different colours and pattern combinations.