Muebles de Campo 


Between 1920-34 Nordiska Kompaniet had an affiliate store in Buenos Aires which soldfurniture designed in Sweden, many of which were variants on items created by the then head of design Axel Einar Hjorth for the Swedish market. Between 1929-32 Hjorth created the now infamous Sportstugemöbel series for Nordiska Kompaniet. These simple, robust pieces in pine were designed for the booming summer cabin market that appeared in Sweden between the two world wars, so were never sold at the affiliate store in Buenos Aires.

Muebles de Campo is a series of simple furniture created in solid Cancharana wood. A local Argentinan wood from the Mahogany family.

These pieces evoke the spirit of Hjorth’s Sportsugemöbler, but are created for an Argentinian context.


Solid Cancharana wood